We are committed to helping students realize their dreams. By providing personalized consulting services, our team of experts will guide students through every step of the application process, including selecting the right schools, preparing strong application materials, and writing exceptional personal statements. We understand that every student's background and goals are unique, so we offer customized strategies and advice to maximize a student's application potential with the most professional, efficient, and dedicated consulting services, creating VIP application planning for each student. The services we provide have already formed a certain scale and have a wide range of customer resources. The scope of application involves: the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, China and so on.



Cultivate interests and develop academic-related plans such as high school course selection and activity participation programs based on the student's future plan and desired universities. Ensure that the student meets the requirements of the application.


Help students enrol in various long-term or short-term volunteer opportunities. Through the volunteer experiences, students can enrich their spare time, and learn more about local culture. Students are required 40 hours of volunteer time for graduation.


Provide students with high quality activities and summer camps to gain early exposure to the study and work content of the student's preferred major. Real life experiences give a great advantage for students applying universities in grade 12.


Organize rich and meaningful activities, communicate with other's, and expand the network circle. Regularly organize university seminars to explore interests, find preferred majors, and have a clear plan for future development.

Parental assistance

Participate in the parent meeting and communicate with parents in detail later, so that parents back home are knowledgable about the study and live status for their child.

University LIST


University of Toronto

McGill University

University of British Columbia

University of Alberta

York University

McMaster University

University of Waterloo

Western University


University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

University College London

Imperial College London

The London School of Economics and Political Science

The University of Manchester


The University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Universty of Science and Technology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Top 50 of USA Universities


Top 8 of Australia Universities


National University of Singapore

Nanyang Technologica University


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  • Evaluate transcripts and language requirements
  • Customized application plan based on student needs and assessment results
  • Application process lasts 6-10 months

Initial application

  • Fill out the university application form and pay the application fee
  • Create sepreated file for each student. The company is committed to keeping the student's information strictly confidential.


  • Preparation of all application materials, including paperwork and videos
  • Provide in-person counseling to each student to guide the completion of application.
  • Keeping track of students' progress and informing them of important deadlines.
  • Provide students with periodic feedback on the status of their applications

Keep Tracking

  • Continuous tracking of each student's application status.
  • Enrolment in university language programs with no additional fee.
  • Accept the offer.