Our English class offers a holistic approach to language learning, encompassing reading, writing, literature, grammar, and natural spelling and vocabulary enhancement. Designed to cater to students of various proficiency levels, the curriculum aims to build a solid foundation in the English language's technical aspects and creative joys, fostering a deep appreciation for its literature and an intuitive grasp of its linguistic structures.

Phonic Natural Spelling and Vocabulary


This dedicated and interactive course is designed for young readers to nurture a love for reading while enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and comprehensive answering skills in an engaging, supportive environment. With small class sizes and live, real-time instruction, each student receives personalized attention, ensuring they understand and apply what they learn in practical contexts.

English Reading Course

Primary Focus

To strengthen students' grammar foundations through systematic study and intensive exercises, enhancing their writing skills.

Course Overview

G1-6 online real-time English reading course for up to 8 students.

Curriculum Content

Covers reading, vocabulary, grammar, and long answer questions.

Teaching Approach

Reviews previous content and uses interactive methods for engagement and understanding.

Personalized Learning

Adjusts lessons based on student homework to address individual needs.

Delivery Method

Live online instruction by local teachers through Zoom, which is compatible with various devices.

English Reading Exercise

Primary Focus

To strengthen students' grammar foundations through systematic study and intensive exercises, enhancing their writing skills.

Course Overview

English Reading Exercises for grades 1-6, with one-hour weekly classes via Zoom, per class limited to 12 students.

Engaging Materials

Use illustrated textbooks to enrich the reading experience.

Reading Skills Development

Emphasis on teaching reading skills, vocabulary expansion, and interactive question-and-answer sessions.

Interactive Learning Approach

Students engage in reading exercises and interactive discussions, with opportunities for question-and-answer sessions.

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to increase vocabulary, instill reading habits, and enhance reading comprehension, critical thinking, and detail and idea retention.


The extensive curriculum is aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and motivates students to harness their creative potential, partake in methodical writing activities, and enhance their grammatical skills via interactive lessons and customized feedback. This methodical approach guarantees a comprehensive grasp of writing essentials, ensuring students can express thoughts with clarity and coherence. Delivered by seasoned educators in real-time online classes, this course creates an educational environment conducive to continuous learning and development.

Primary Focus

  • To enhance students' writing capabilities, including idea organization, paragraph structuring, and essay writing, aligned with the Ontario syllabus.
  • To build strong grammar foundations alongside writing skills.

Key Feature

Structured Preparation and Review

Students brainstorm before class and receive feedback on their homework at the start of each session.

Interactive Lessons

Classes are conducted live online via Zoom, enabling direct interaction between students and teachers.

Grammar Integration

Each lesson includes a dedicated grammar section and practical exercises.

Customized Curriculum

While adhering to the Ontario syllabus, the course also addresses additional writing types, adjusting focus based on syllabus requirements.

Key Objectives

Improve Writing Skills

Equip students with the ability to organize thoughts coherently, craft detailed paragraphs, and construct comprehensive essays.

Enhance Grammar Knowledge

Build a solid grammatical foundation to support effective writing.

Foster Critical Thinking

Encourage brainstorming and discussion to develop critical thinking and idea-generation skills.


Introducing our English Grammar Workshop for Grades 1-6: a focused, twice-weekly, one-hour session designed to strengthen your child's grammatical foundation. This program offers a systematic exploration of English grammar, encompassing detailed explanations, examples, and targeted exercises to enhance application and understanding. Each session includes a dedicated time for student questions, ensuring personalized learning.

Primary Focus

  • To strengthen and consolidate students' English grammar foundations, facilitating improved writing skills.

Key Feature

Weekly Schedule

Two one-hour weekly lessons, ensuring regular engagement and learning progression.

Small Class Size

The number of students is capped at 12 per class, allowing for personalized attention and better interaction.

Systematic Grammar Study

Each class systematically covers grammar points, ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential grammar.

Intensive Exercises

Various specialized exercises are provided to enhance students' application and understanding of grammar.

Key Objectives

Enhance Writing Skill

Lay the groundwork for improved writing abilities by building solid grammar foundations.

Improve Grammar Knowledge

Equip students with a strong grammatical foundation, enabling them to construct sentences correctly and effectively.

Promote Understanding and Application

Encourage students to apply grammar knowledge in various contexts, enhancing their understanding and retention.


This curriculum is aligned with the Ontario Curriculum and encourages creative expression and systematic composition, complemented by interactive sessions and tailored feedback. Led by seasoned educators via live online classes, our structured program is dedicated to fostering significant writing proficiency and intellectual growth in a professional learning environment.

Primary Focus

  • To enhance children's reading comprehension and analytical skills by exploring renowned literature.
  • To develop children's writing skills, focusing on idea development, structuring thoughts, and independent writing, alongside grammar improvement.

Key Feature

Bi-weekly Lessons

The program offers two weekly lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays, with distinct focuses on reading and writing.

Reading and Analytical Reasoning

Children will read a famous book, guided by questions that aim to improve reading skills, enhance understanding, and stimulate critical thinking.

Writing Skills Development

Writing-focused classes will concentrate on developing writing ideas, organizing thoughts coherently, practicing independent writing, and grammar lessons.

Revision and Feedback

Students receive corrections and feedback on their homework and must revise their work accordingly to ensure understanding and progress.

Key Objectives

Improve Reading Comprehension

Enable students to understand and analyze literature effectively, enhancing their reading skills and critical thinking.

Enhance Writing Abilities

Equip students with the skills necessary for idea generation, effective organization, and independent writing.

Solidify Grammar Knowledge

Build a strong grammatical foundation to support reading comprehension and writing skills.

natural spelling and vocabulary

The "Basic Class" and "Word Family Classes" offer targeted online English learning through Zoom, focusing on spelling, vocabulary, and phonetics for children. With small class sizes and engaging teaching methods, these programs aim to build foundational language skills and enhance natural spelling abilities. Designed to move students beyond memorization, each course ensures a deep understanding of English pronunciation and spelling patterns, fostering improved reading fluency and vocabulary expansion.

Basic Classes

Primary Focus

Systematically teaching pronunciation, letter patterns, and spelling rules.


The course systematically addresses the basics of English pronunciation, including letters and letter combinations, syllables, and word families. It emphasizes the correspondence between the sound of words and their spelling, aiming to equip students to spell words and apply them in practice independently.

Key Features

Covers reading, vocabulary, grammar, and long answer questions.

  • Illustrated textbook for engaging learning.
  • A balanced mix of listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises.
  • Regular reviews, quizzes, and personalized question sessions to monitor progress.
  • It aims to move beyond rote memorization by establishing a sound-spelling correspondence.

World Family Classes

Primary Focus

Enhance natural spelling skills through studying Word Families.


This course emphasizes the rhythm and rhyme of the English language, focusing on word families as a core element. Exploring words with the same endings and sounds aims to improve students' sensitivity to English phonetics and spelling patterns.

Key Features

Covers reading, vocabulary, grammar, and long answer questions.

  • Illustrated textbook to make learning enjoyable.
  • Emphasis on quizzes, reviews, and understanding the student's learning process.
  • It aims to enhance natural spelling skills and the ability to recognize and memorize words through their phonetic and visual patterns.
  • Focuses on improving vocabulary, reading fluency, and independent reading skills by leveraging the natural relationships between letter combinations and sounds.