Our math courses, covering  Grades 1-10, offer diverse learning approaches through weekly Zoom sessions. Tailored for students across different grades, these courses blend rigorous curriculum standards with innovative teaching methods, such as interactive problem-solving and personalized feedback, to build a strong mathematical foundation, whether through Ontario's curriculum or the unique Singapore Math strategy.



The math program for grades 1-10, aligned with the Ontario curriculum, delivers weekly Zoom sessions focused on interactive learning and problem-solving. It utilizes online classroom for streamlined material handling and emphasizes mastering mathematical concepts through direct feedback and continuous practice. Tailored to enhance mathematical understanding and skills, the program offers a comprehensive approach to learning, from foundational principles to advanced problem-solving techniques.

Math Problems Course
(Grade 1-6)

Primary Focus

  • Delivers clear explanations of mathematical concepts through illustrative examples.
  • Prioritizes hands-on exercises and strategies to enhance practical math skills.

Key Features

  • Engages students with live, interactive sessions that clarify mathematical concepts.
  • Tailors content to the Ontario math curriculum, ensuring relevant and comprehensive coverage.
  • Limits class size to 12 students for individualized feedback and support in problem-solving.

Key Objectives

  • Clarify complex math concepts for clear student comprehension.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills with strategic exercises.
  • Align course content with Ontario curriculum standards.
  • Foster understanding through interactive, participatory sessions.
  • Provide personalized feedback by maintaining small class sizes.
  • Strengthen mathematical foundations for advanced learning.

Ontario Math Course
(Grade 7-10)

Primary Focus

  • Emphasizes understanding by reviewing, correcting, and discussing homework errors in subsequent classes.
  • Ensures students keep pace with and master the Ontario Math curriculum through structured weekly sessions and consistent homework practice.

Key Features

  • Utilizes Zoom for weekly, one-hour interactive classes, facilitating direct engagement between students and teachers.
  • Incorporates a structured approach to homework review in each session.
  • Leverages online classroom for distributing course materials and assignments, and streamlining communication.

Key Objectives

  • Improve math concepts comprehension via error discussions.
  • Achieve Ontario curriculum mastery through weekly structure.
  • Ensure regular homework for ongoing learning.
  • Boost engagement with interactive Zoom classes.
  • Streamline content and homework via online classroom.
  • Enhance mathematic confidence by overcoming challenges.

Singapore math

The G1-8 Singapore Math Class utilizes a local Singaporean math textbook, incorporating figurative images to aid in problem-solving and understanding, differing in pace and content sequence from the Ontario syllabus. It includes a textbook for class use and a practice book for after-school study. Teachers assign homework students must complete and submit for correction, with the corrected work returned for review.

Primary Focus

To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematics using the Singaporean approach, which emphasizes problem-solving and conceptual understanding.

Key Feature

Singaporean Math Textbook

The course uses Singaporean textbook known for its effective use of visuals and step-by-step approach.

Different Curriculum Sequence

The content's pacing and sequence differ from the Ontario math syllabus, offering a new perspective on learning mathematics.

Supplementary Materials

Accompanied by a textbook for in-class learning and an after-school practice binder for homework.

Key Objectives

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Equip students with the ability to tackle mathematical problems effectively using the Singaporean method.

Develop Conceptual Understanding

Foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of figurative images and contextual learning.

Cultivate Independent Learning

Encourage students to complete and review homework independently, promoting self-discipline and responsibility.