Our online French classes, based on the DELF A0-B2 levels, include comprehensive lessons on vocabulary, grammar, and other key language skills. Conducted by bilingual teachers via Zoom, the program encourages interactive learning and provides homework through Google Classroom for feedback, offering a structured path to improving French proficiency.

French for Different Levels

5 levels for french

The online French classes cater to five levels (A0-B2) based on the DELF standard, covering all language skills, with placement tests determining the level. Taught by bilingual teachers via Zoom, the courses feature interactive lessons and homework assignments managed through Google Classroom. Students are expected to submit homework on time for correction, with feedback provided in the next class, facilitating a structured and comprehensive approach to learning French online.

Primary Focus

  • To provide a structured and progressive French language learning experience divided into five levels from A0 (absolute beginner) to B2 (advanced).
  • To cover all key language skills: vocabulary, speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing, tailored to each level's requirements.

Key Feature

DELF Standard Alignment

Classes are structured according to the internationally recognized DELF proficiency levels, ensuring a clear and structured progression.

Comprehensive Language Skills

Comprehensive coverage of essential language skills, including vocabulary, speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing.

Test Placement

New students undergo a placement test to ensure they start at the correct level tailored to their current language abilities.

Bilingual Instruction

Instruction by local French teachers who are bilingual in English and French ensures clear understanding and communication.

Key Objectives

Language Proficiency Improvement

To systematically enhance students' French language skills corresponding to their proficiency level.

Cultural and Linguistic Immersion

Provide an immersive learning experience that acquaints students with French culture and language usage.