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Grade 9-12

High School

Grade 1-8

Elementary School

Grade 9-12
Prepare Your Teens for University


High school can be a challenging time for teens. School subjects become more advanced and require more time commitment. Our high school tutoring program offers a customized approach for students of corresponding grade levels. At CCYC Tutoring Center, we take the time to understand how students learn and help them to realize their potentials as well as achieving their academic goals. 


We adapt our teaching methods to coincide with their needs and motivate them through difficult subjects. Our tutors work with your children's curriculum and help them study more effectively. Areas we provide assistance in include Math, English, Physics, Test Preparation, University Preparation, Homework Help, and Study Strategies.

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Grade 1-8
Help Your Children Succeed in High School



Elementary school is about so much more than school subjects. Students develop their learning habits during these years. CCYC Tutoring Center offers creative lessons to get students engaged and motivated to learn. Our stimulating exercises enable children to solve problems, match patterns and develop their natural curiosities.


With the unique teaching method of our tutors, your children will build core skills in Math, Science, English and Study Strategies.

Get Your Kids Ready for School


Preschool tutoring helps your children to delve into the world of language and early reading. It gives them a jumpstart on their learning progress. Students will be working on their SpellingsReading, Phonics, Talking, Listening, Math, Fine Motor Skills and Learning Habits; to strengthen their knowledge and understanding, students are encouraged to complete homework on their own without parents' assistance.

Our specialized teachers will assess the level of your children and tailor the program accordingly. 

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  • Book a Personal Assessment for Your Children

    2 hr

    50 Canadian dollars
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