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  1. 如因学生个人原因要暂停课程,剩余费用可以申请退款或者保留为学费存款。

  2. 如果申请退款,所退金额等于交费金额减去已用金额再减去手续费。其中已用课时要按原价计算,不享有任何优惠,手续费是剩余学费的10%,最少不低于CAD$25。退款方式可以选择E-transfer或者支票。从申请之日算起,会在10个工作日内完成退款。

  3. 如果申请保留为学费存款,从停课之日算起,有效期为1年。如1年后还未使用该学费存款,将自动转为退款处理。学费存款只能在同一个家庭中使用,不可转让他人。

  4. 如果因天气等不可抗拒的原因,学校不得不临时取消课程,恕不退款,学校会联系家长安排补课。

  5. 申请退费需书面(邮件、微信)申请,口头申请无效。

  6. 学生无故缺课,既不提供补课,也不退款。

  7. 最终解释权权限归CCYC®加中英才国际教育集团所有。

Refund Policy


1. If the course is suspended due to personal reasons, the remaining fee can be refunded or kept as tuition credits.

2. If applying for a refund, the refunded amount is equal to the paid amount minus the used amount and then the handling fee. Among them, the hours used should be calculated at the original price without any discount. The handling fee is 10% of the remaining tuition, and at least CAD$25. The refund can be paid by Email transfer or check. From the date of application, the refund will be completed within 10 business days.

3. If the remaining fee is reserved as tuition credits, it will be valid for 1 year from the date of suspension. If the credit is not used after 1 year, it will be automatically converted to refund processing. Tuition credits can only be used in the same family and cannot be transferred to others.

4. If the school has to temporarily cancel the course due to weather and other irresistible reasons, no refund will be given, and the school will contact the parents to arrange a make-up session.

5. To apply for a refund, a written application (email, WeChat) is required. An oral application is invalid.

6. Students who are absent from class without reason will neither provide supplementary classes nor refunds.

7. All rights resevered to CCYC® International Education Group Inc.

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